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A Summer of Trying New Things

This summer was one of a couple of new things. From setting up our first vendor booth at a charity Jeep show to going wheeling in my Jeep on 35s and a Dana 30 with a group all on one ton axles and at least 40 inch tall tires.

In July, I had the opportunity to go off-roading at Rocks and Valleys, in Harrison, Michigan, with none other than the Converse Family while on their East Coast Tour. My parents had met them in June for the first Ultimate Offroad Adventure. My Jeep is pretty stock compared to everyone else's in the group as mine still sits on stock axles with 35s. I have been to Rocks and Valleys multiple times before but this was the first time in my own jeep, driving myself. I did end up with an unexpected passenger, Chuck Converse's step dad. I love having other people ride with me so it was awesome being able to have someone with me in the jeep. Of course I can go on about being the smallest jeep and how I conquered a lot of the park I normally wouldn't have done with people with builds similar to mine but I feel Chuck and Mason's YouTube video does a better job of showing the fun we had that day.

In August, Pretty PowerSports set up 2 booths to try out in person event sales. Our first one was hosted by the Jeep Babes Michigan Chapter. The Charity Show and Shine for Haven was very well run from a vendor point of view and all of the volunteers were so helpful with getting the booth set up and checking in throughout the event. Haven is located in Oakland County and it is a shelter for victims of domestic abuse. For the first event we ever did I think it went pretty well as it was a learning curve. They had also gotten Jeremy Rowe to preform during the show and jeep trivia during the day. I'm very excited for next year's event and hopefully it will have a better turn out since it is for such a great cause.

The next week, we set up at the GCC Kickoff Hype Event for Toledo Jeep Fest. I donated 2 giveaway bundles for the raffle and had a great view of all of the different jeeps going over the crush cars. It was a different type of show than the one hosted by Jeep Babes but still very well run and did pretty well in sales for the event only being a couple of hours long. I think next year I'll set up a booth at Jeep Fest itself and see how that goes for the future.

Next year, I am planning to be at more events and donating to more fun trips. So be on the look out for Pretty PowerSports at fun local Michigan events, or find out giveaway bundles at fun trail rides!

Also if you have a fun story you'd like to submit for the blog, check out the blog submission form and tell us your story! You might find it being posted next!

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